Taskmaster Secret Series

Taskmaster Secret Series


A brand-new Taskmaster game with all-new tasks. The Secret Series Game invites you and your family and friends to take part in your own series of Taskmaster games at home. Carry the scores from each individual game forward into the next until you complete 10 'episodes' to crown an overall Series Winner! Who will be the ultimate champion?

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Taskmaster The Board Game

Taskmaster Board Game


The original board game brings the very essence of the show to the comfort of your own home. Compete with your friends and family in a series of ludicrous tasks to be crowned Taskmaster Champion. Judge or be judged. It's time to summon your inner Taskmaster. Contents: Game board, rules sheet, scoreboard playing pieces, wipe-clean pen, Taskmaster trophy and 200 task cards, including video tasks from Alex Horne himself.

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Taskmaster The Board Game Expansion Pack

Taskmaster Expansion Pack


Inside this expansion pack box, you will get: 40 all-new task cards to add to your Taskmaster Board Game, The opportunity to access exclusive Final Video Tasks, 10 Prize Task selector cards, 50 paper refill slips for your stunning self-portraits and your very own little Taskmaster’s Assistant!

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