Having a little chuckle.

Series 13 / Episode 5

The comics are baffled by high fives and a fish tank. Bridget Christie has a present for the Taskmaster, and Sophie Duker covers some keys in saliva.

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Prize: Most surprising thing from their wardrobe.

Make this key difficult but possible to retrieve.

Give Alex a high-five. The third-fastest high-fiver wins. If you are the first or the last, you will receive no points. You must high-five Alex within 10 minutes.

Make the water level rise to the top of the big fish tank. You have 15 minutes to gather six things, then you must put all six things in the big fish tank. You may not put anything in the big fish tank before the 15 minutes are up and if any water leaves the big fish tank at any point, you are disqualified. Closest water level to the top of the big fish tank wins. No fish tanks may leave this room.

Answer Alex's phone call. If you find a cuddly toy, you must carry it with you until you answer Alex's phone call. Also, you must be making a noise over 50dB for at least 50% of the time until you answer Alex's phone call. Fastest wins.

Live: Pop three red balls out of your hole. You may only pop out one ball at a time. If you pop out a black ball, you must stop popping out balls and scream for five seconds. If you pop out a white ball, everyone must stop popping out balls and dance like a worm for five seconds. If you pop out a duck, you are disqualified. Also, you must stare lovingly at the Taskmaster throughout the task. Fastest wins.

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Chris Ramsey
Bridget Christie
Judi Love
Sophie Duker
Ardal O’Hanlon

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